Download Echo Man (Byrne and Balzano) [Audiobook]

Free download Echo Man (Byrne and Balzano) [Audiobook]

  • Author: Richard Montanari
  • Language: English
  • Upload date: 28-03-2017, 18:00
  • Category: Audio Books

From internationally bestselling author Richard Montanari comes a smashing new thriller—available exclusively as an e-book.

Tormented by the exquisite beauty of a concerto and the bloodcurdling cries of a dying woman, the Echo Man composes his own symphony in response: a string of artfully staged slayings—all of them linked to cold murder cases and designed to taunt the police of Philadelphia.

Detective Kevin Byrne hears sounds, too. They wake him in the night, haunt him by day, and remind him of the first homicide suspect he ever arrested: a gifted, beautiful classical musician who inexplicably went mad and became murderous. Now Byrne believes that Philly’s serial killings might be linked to that case. But his partner, Jessica Balzano, has too many bodies on her hands to worry about Byrne’s strange intuition or personal demons—until all the perfectly placed clues, all the evidence, all the deception point Balzano in one direction, and she discovers that the killer is closer than she could ever have suspected.

From the acclaimed author of Merciless, The Echo Man is a masterpiece of suspense that builds to a crescendo of terror and stunning surprise.

The Echo Man includes excerpts from Richard Montanari’s chilling novels and an overview of his Byrne/Balzano series, including a dossier of all the major characters.

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