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  • Author: Holly M Dunsworth
  • Pages: 224
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 0313336733
  • ISBN13: 9780313336737
  • Upload date: 18-04-2017, 19:18
  • Category: Biology

What should the average person know about science? Because science is so central to life in the 21st century, science educators and other leaders of the scientific community believe that it is essential that everyone understand the basic concepts of the most vital and far-reaching disciplines. Human Origins 101 does exactly that. This accessible volume provides readers - whether students new to the field or just interested members of the lay public - with the essential ideas of the origins of humans using a minimum of jargon and mathematics. Concepts are introduced in a progressive order so that more complicated ideas build on simpler ones, and each is discussed in small, bite-sized segments so that they can be more easily understood.

Human Origins 101 enables students and the general public to understand the basic concepts underlying our knowledge of our evolution as a species. This small volume covers:

A brief history of paleoanthropology, and the discovery of human's place in nature

Evolution and the Origin of Life

Clues to human origins from genetics

The fossil and archaeological records

The distinctive traits that makes us human

The diversity of modern humans

With a bibliography, glossary, and discussion of hoaxes, fringe theories, and hot-button issues, Human Origins 101 provides the perfect starting point for anyone wishing to understand how scientists know how humans evolved.

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