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  • Author: Katie MacAlister
  • Pages: 352
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 0451417429
  • ISBN13: 9780451417428
  • Upload date: 30-05-2017, 12:52
  • Category: Fantasy Novels

The other Travellers focused on in this book were the Faa family. They were being investigated by Peter (he's part of the Watch, basically the supernatural police) for murders that have occurred in the area. I think the Faas were always suppose to come off as distant and suspicious and irritating. I can't say I ever liked them, expect one of them who I won't name for possible spoilers. I didn't even like the grandmother. I felt she just stayed in the background while the men in her family did whatever they wanted, and she was too cold and concerned with blood purity. Sad thing was Peter is her grandson. He didn't grow up with them, so it was easy for all of them not to care, but I still felt bad for him. I almost wished things had gone a slightly different route by the end.

Time Thief might not have ended well for everyone however, it was the ending that Kiya and Peter deserved. Overall, the entire book kept me entertained and laughing here and there. It was easy to get sucked into the story. There's a book two planned that will be focusing on a character introduced in this book, and I can't help but to wonder what will happen next.

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