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  • Author: Robert J., PH.D. Flower
  • Pages: 92
  • Language: English
  • ISBN/ASIN: 975950126
  • ISBN13: 9780975950128
  • Upload date: 19-04-2017, 13:28
  • Category: Self-development

The subject matter of -The Exceptional Mind- covers the findings of over 25 years of research and development concerning the mind sciences and the achievement sciences. This research was conducted and developed by the Gilchrist Institute for the Achievement Sciences, Ltd. The organization currently has over 300+ members who support and to some degree contribute to its work. The exceptional mind is a state of consciousness we all possess but access infrequently - less than 10% of the time on average. There are two other general states of mind we tend to function with - the automatic and the environmental (institutional) segments.

The book discusses the nature of all three, gives examples and identifies traits within all three. Lesser states of mind are also cited and characterized to some degree, such as the closed mind, the literal mind, etc. This aids the reader in understanding themselves, others and their thinking profile. Numerous quizzes, questionnaires and study results are also included covering various possible profiles. The discovery of the Master Life Issue is also presented which states a key issue(s) is adapted by each of us at a very young age. This issue then -rules- our behavior and thinking throughout our lives. The book identifies these issues and discusses how to deal with them.

The book is written in simple terms, down to earth with analogies and examples within the grasp of most readers. It communicates a definite structure which one can follow easily and which can be relied upon better than other behavioral concepts. Dr. Flower-s dominant philosophy of potential as the greatest force and actual energy carries through the writing and provides motivation for achievement. Marketing: The book would serve a number of cultures including those interested in self-help, self-improvement, those on a path or seeking a purpose, philosophy lovers, pop psychology and self-exploration. It cuts across age and gender as well as social status.

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